The Answer is…. A Survivor

What do you call a soon to be divorcee with a Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte addiction + a mad preference for boxed wine from Costco?

 How sad is it that all we have to do is drive by a Starbucks and Jacob says, “Mommy’s coffee”.  Yes sweetie, Mommy’s coffee.  Thank goodness the wine box sits on the top shelf in the fridge!


4 thoughts on “The Answer is…. A Survivor

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  2. Loved the above equation, but you spelled addiction as addition. Can’t help it; it is the English teacher in me. I kept reading it as addition, and therefore was not getting your joke. So where is today’s blog? I am blog challeged apparently.

  3. You’ll have to wait til later on Thurs for the post you are looking for.. Wed is all about posting to the Watercooler & WFMW. And thanks for the spellcheck, I’m really bad at that.

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