Twitter me this??????

As I am figuring out this thing called blogging & social networking, etc., it feels like one big riddle.  So I am trying to read up on the new technologies.  How can I use them?  Should I use them?  Just because it’s the latest thing out there, doesn’t mean it’s the best for your business or social life.  In my feeds this week, I ran across these two tidbits of info from Website Magazine:

It’s official. After much speculation, Yahoo has officially joined Google’s OpenSocial project. OpenSocial was created to help unite the social Web by providing a common mechanism for developers to create apps that will work across many different networks. MySpace and orkut have already joined and with the addition of Yahoo, a whole new crop of developers will be able to begin developing new applications.  Along with the announcement comes, the main documentation hub and source of information about all things OpenSocial.

Web professionals often struggle keeping up-to-date and in-the-know with instant messaging, email, and the activity of social networks. The process of getting and staying connected can be overwhelming, which is why many opt for tools and applications which facilitate that communication. dotSyntax, an instant messaging startup, today announced the public beta launch of Digsby, a product that integrates account management of these channels into one easy-to-use application. (Read more by clicking on the title above)

Great!  More things to help manage our online lives.  Well, it appears that OpenSocial is supposed to help developers, the smart people who coded all this wicked cool stuff, create applications (plug ins, widgets, etc) that will work on different networks (i.e. Google, Yahoo, MySpace, etc). What does that mean for us common folk?  I think it means that when you copy your HTML code to add to your MySpace page, it will be the same code to use on your other networks.  This eliminates trying to find each networks own code and hoping that someone has created it for the network you are using.  At least I think.

Then there’s Digsby! the place where you are supposed to be able to combine all your IM’ing & email & Twitter, etc. into one app on your PC. So instead of having your Twitter page open & Yahoo IM & MSN, etc. You have open 1 screen and it all feeds & is interactive to each.  That sounds pretty cool if you ask me.  Anything that can be done to streamline this gigamonster called the information super sensory overloaded highway – I’m all for!

Well, for all these great new apps & means of communication, I’m still not sure what I should or shouldn’t be using so I am hoping someone a lot smarter than me can help me figure it out.  And wouldn’t you know, as luck would have it,  I ran across this yesterday… 

Randy Elrod & Spence Smith are bringing to the masses a new and exciting seminar on this very topic called LifeWork 2.0. Check It!  


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