Runaway Bloggggg……

This post is a little menagerie of running items… BUT all of them are equally important and to be celebrated. 

 Ahhh!!! This is it! This may be the most important blog post I’ve ever read. When I was first hit with the divorce in Feb I thought about working out more to relieve my stress. So I journeyed over to Spence’s world to see what he had to say about ‘Multi-Sport’ & I found this:  Get Some Running Therapy – from– Exercise-induced happiness fights anger, sadness, and anxiety. Who needs a shrink?   By Betsy Noxon.  As I read it, I decided that I would start running even though I had always hated it, thought that I couldn’t do it and had only ran 1 mile once in my life (in High Sch). Right then & there I set a goal to compete in my first 5K at the end of March.  I’ve been training for a month & it’s going well. I’m nervous, but I hit the 5K mark within the first 2 wks – now I just have to push through it outside.

This post has changed my life. I feel better than ever. I thank you, my shrink thanks you.  (Well maybe he won’t for long, if I dump him!) Keep writing Spense! I anticipate every word.  In fact, in honor of it….  New Goal – 10 K  this fall before I turn 4, well, before I leave my 30’s…..


mizuno-shoes.jpgLET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO SPEED…..

But seriously, aren’t they too CUTE!  These shoes ROCK!!!!  They are Mizunos Wave Creation 9’s – Latest & Greatest – Just about the most expensive shoe in the store. Yes the soon to be EX paid for them along with some other cute items to run my first 5K.  Must be styling when I cross the finish line!  They analyzed my run, measured & remeasured my feet and went through about 6 pairs of shoes to find the right match for my foot bed.  I learned a lot too.  I think it is too easy to pick up some shoes just because a GF says they’re the best, but ya know, if they don’t fit your foot correctly it’s pointless.  But, I had to take the time to find a good shoe, because my toes were ready to fall off. (Seriously, I couldn’t feel my right big toe anymore.) 

So now this is the perfect intro for my Harry Taylor story….  This happens to be my second pair of Mizunos that I own, the first pair were given to me by Harry Taylor.  For all you non-golfers in this blog bunch, Harry is the founder of Taylor-Made Golf  He sold out his rights to the company and retired here in Nashville.  Eventually he did some consulting for Mizuno in their golf design group.  Well, one afternoon in the late 90’s, Harry & I found ourselves sitting together stranded on a runway in Detroit for 3 hours.  There are NOT a lot of people I can imagine wanting to be sitting beside for 3 hours on a stranded plane, but Harry certainly is one of them.  We had the best time.  I actually just finished up the book, “Who Moved My Cheese“.  (A must read for anyone in corporate America or just participating in life!)  We ended up having a session with about 10 people around us on the principles of this book.  My role at the time was a workshop facilitator at GM so it kind of came natural to me to engage people in conversation & debate.  Anyway, by the end of the evening as we were rolling into Nashvegas, Harry asked me for my shoe size & a business card.  I hedged, but agreed and thought little of it.  Within 3 days, the best pair of golf shoes I’ve ever owned arrived at my door with a sweet note from Harry thanking me for my company.  Still have the shoes, they are still great! 

So I am excited about my new shoes!!!!  They may not be the hottest name brand for women on the market today…  But they fit me to a T!  So from now on you can just call me “Flash”!


Last, but not least….  BFF KIM FISHER finished her first half marathon this past weekend in Virginia City Beach! 

She is going to run with me on my first 5 K to help me keep going and motivate me !  Congrats Kim!  And also to her husband John who ran the 10K in Virginia. 

            RESULTS – 2008 SHAMROCK FESTIVAL HALFMARATHONPlace Bib#   Name                        G Age City           St Chiptim Pace  Guntime Div /Tot  Div     Gend/Tot  G
===== ====== =========================== = === ============== == ======= ===== ======= ========= ======= ========= =
4300  11082 Kimberly Fisher             F  38 Franklin       TN 2:32:47 11:40 2:42:01  340/492  F35-39  2240/3163 F 


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