Or is it ????

title_alex.jpgWell, based on the picture you can guess I’ve had one of those days… actually, it’s been one of those weeks off and on.  But today it hit me like a ton of bricks! And doesnt it just blow when it seems like it comes when you least expect it!   Here’s the run down…

  • New store owner in Utah wants to carry my blankets (largest order to date)…   CANCELLED!
  • TBD Ex-husband wants divorce to be amicable & swift using 1 attorney…   LIES! HIRES CUT THROAT ATTORNEY & HAS ME SERVED!
  • Best friend, who has become an inspiration to me, as she decided to stay with her unfaithful husband… THINKS HE’S CHEATING AGAIN!
  • Poor dear son gets sick making him contagious for the next 4 to 5 days… CANS TRIP TO SISTERS IN MO FOR WEEKEND!
  • Mom’s second surgery for a condition that has plagued her for years was a success…. HAS SEVERE INFECTION, RECOVERY PAINFUL & LONG!

Man, oh man, between several phone calls it was a morning that just threw me into a loop.  The kind that will bring you to your knees in tears saying, please dear Jesus, just help me get through this day and what ever else lies in store with some kind of dignity and strength because I just can’t take it anymore.   

All together now…. Can we have one big round of pity party applause for Amy…. (clap, clap, clap, clap, bravo, bravo, clap, clap, clap)

So, it really is a “Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” OR IS IT?   Because despite all of these things going wrong this week that literally drove me to get down on my knees today in tears and pray, some other things also went very, very right.  Here’s the skinny…

  • My very best customer, Erica Erck, who is also a good friend and very talented photographer, sent me an email saying she had lots of new babies to buy for and wanted some of my blankets. 
  • Another friend of mine sent me an email saying that she was praying for me today that God would answer whatever needs I had.
  • My daughter was supposed to be sick by now according to the pediatrician, but has remained well (knock on wood!)
  • My neighbor & I had lunch this week & kissed & made up from a silly misunderstanding from last week (BTW, we didnt kiss literally)
  • Both of my kids got excellent reports from the OT therapists they see on Thursdays that they have almost caught up to where they should be.
  • And my blog from yesterday’s Watercooler Wednesday got props from 2 hi-roller bloggers (him & him)!  Doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂

One of the first lessons my former mentor ever taught me (at the ripe old age of 24) was there is just nothing gained from self pity.  I was having a pretty rough time of it and he said, “Let’s take a walk.” You knew something was coming when those were his words.  You just never knew what.  It was usually one of his brainstorming sessions and he needed brainpower around him – so most of the time those were great walks that ended up in conference rooms with a mess of paper & white boards marked up like crazy on the next big thing.  Not this time.  This time he sat me down and said, “So you’re having a pretty bad week?…. Not going well….Well, why don’t we take a walk through the Vanderbilt Pediatric Cancer Ward and ask them how their week has been.  Why dont you talk to the kids in the burn ward or the parents who were told that their child is not going to make it to their 1st birthday.  What do you think they are going to say to you about how their week has been.”

WOW, I got nothing.  Seriously, what do you say to that?  I’m sure I tried with all of my 24 years of wisdom to come up with some smart retort and I’m sure he shut me down pretty darn quick.  Do we all have bad days?  Absolutely!  Gee, sometimes, bad weeks, months or what can seems like years.  But it’s what you do with it that is really gonna matter.  How are you going to face the rest of the day, or the rest of the week?

 I guess my point is when you are having one of those days that brings you to your knees, go ahead and have that cry. Just get it all out.  Heaving & sobbing if it’s required.  And sometimes it is. (You girls so know what I’m saying!) But then I challenge you to think about it really, really hard.  Is it possible to find that silver lining? Has it really been all that bad? Chances are we all know at least one person who had it worse than we do now .

So, I’ll leave you with this are there friends or loved ones that you know now that are having a hard time who could maybe use a friend like you to lift them up?  Give them a call.  And the next time you think you’re having a bad day, read the story about the Kaylen Foundation and what they are doing at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and why.  Then call a friend who needs lifting up.  Who knows, when you are down you may be the one who gets the next call!


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